Jamun – the Indian cherry, or maybe the plum


What’s this?

These are jamun fruits, which to me look a little like large Kalamata olives.  When they’re ripening they change colour from green, to pale pink, to a deep crimson red and then finally to a deep purple-black. They’re very pretty to look at, I think, especially when tossed against this perfect shade of pink cloth.

In the intense heat of pre-monsoonal June in Rajasthan, I watched, worriedly, as my friend Shankar picked them for work  by climbing a ladder made from sticks of bamboo, tied together, from trees that were about 30 metres high. 

I don’t like to eat them as they’re too sour for me, but they’re known to have many health benefits, particularly for those people with diabetes.   

Where’s this?

Ganaheda, Rajasthan


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