Turquoise blue, lilac and a little yellow

India 2014 882

What’s this?

This is colour – beautiful, glorious colour.  Most people would agree that India has a reputation for being colourful, and it certainly is – in many ways of course.  When I first went to India, I jokingly wondered to myself if Indian people go to school to learn about perfect colour combinations, but of course they don’t.  Knowing which colours look glorious together seems to be innate and intuitive to Indians, and incredible colour is everywhere. I love the way the fallen leaves in this photo provide a pop of yellow against this gorgeous blue.

Where’s this?

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

By the way, Rishikesh is where the Beatles wrote most of the songs for their White album, whilst they were there studying transcendental meditation in 1968. White actually contains all colours, so perhaps the Beatles were actually making a reference to the colourful nature of India in their album title?  Possibly not.


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