Goodbye Krishna the camel


What’s this?

Very sadly, not even the shadow of Krishna the camel now remains, as he died recently.  I helped my friend to buy him, and had ridden on him myself many times.  As far as camels go, he was a handsome fellow!  He was safely home for the night (he lived in the garden of my friend’s house with goats and a buffalo for company) and was given fresh, green monsoonal grass to eat, a treat for camels who otherwise have to eat dried grass for most of the year. The next morning he was dead, and had to be taken away from my friend’s house using a crane and a truck. Krishna was a working camel, but my friend loved and cared for him very much. Unfortunately, when Krishna died, so did my friend’s way of making a living.

Where’s this?

Pushkar, the site of an enormous camel fair in November, in Rajasthan 


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