Waiting for lassi?


What’s this?

These are kulhars, terracotta cups used in India to serve drinks. Perhaps they’ll be used for chai (tea) or garam doodh (hot milk), or maybe they’ll be used to serve lassi, that delicious, refreshing yogurt drink that’s famously associated with India.

The cups are unglazed, and are usually thrown away after a single use.  They’re made entirely of clay, so they’re completely biodegradable if they’re fired at lower temperatures.

Kulhars are on their way out of use, as plastic or coated-paper cups are now more widely used because they’re cheaper to make and transport. This seems to be a sad thing not only for the environment but for the people of the rural communities who make them.  

Where’s this?

This photograph was taken at Khamir, a wonderful educational craft facility 15km from Bhuj in the Kutch District in the western state of Gujarat.   




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