Ladies in white


What’s this?

In a previous post I talked about trains.  I took this photo in my sleeper class carriage on a train from Ajmer in Rajasthan to Bhubaneswar in the eastern state of Odisha, a journey of 1740 km which took 49 hours!  Not long into those 49 hours a group of ladies from the Brahma Kumaris, a world-wide spiritual organisation which has its headquarters in Mt Abu in Rajasthan, joined the carriage.  Their simple saris were so incredibly white! Throughout our 49 hour journey I got dirtier and dirtier, whilst the ladies stayed not only white but well groomed! I admired them, I envied them…and the childish side of me was annoyed by their ability to remain so immaculately clean.  When we got off at Bhubaneshwar I noticed that one of the ladies had a little dirt smeared on her otherwise perfectly white sari and I admit that the childish side of me was pleased!

I now wish that I had spent more time talking to these ladies than I did, because I now attend my local Brahma Kumaris centre in Fitzroy, Melbourne, to meditate whenever I can. All their meditation classes are free which is incredibly generous I think.  I really recommend them.

Where’s this?

On a train, somewhere between Ajmer in Rajasthan and Bhubaneswar in Odisha.


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