Omelette, served on a motorbike


What’s this?

This street snack of golden-brown deliciousness is bread omelette, or toast omelette. The omelette vendor will work at lightning-fast speed from a tiny cart or stand on the street to produce a beauty like this for your breakfast or perhaps your late night snack. He’ll melt some oil, ghee or butter in a frying pan on high heat until it’s sizzling, and then he’ll pour in a couple of eggs that he’s beaten and mixed with chopped red onion and green chilli. Two slices of white bread are quickly dipped in the egg mixture in the frying pan whilst it’s still runny and then flipped over so that the slices are sitting next to each other on top of the now almost-cooked egg. Then, egg and bread are flipped over so that the other side of the eggy bread can cook.  Perhaps some more onion and chilli are thrown on the top before the whole thing is folded in half, omelette in the middle, bread on the outside. Finally it’s cut into 4 and slid onto a plate, a plate of motorcycle advertising in this case.  It’s piping hot, so you have to wait a minute or two before you can start eating it, which you’re impatient to do because it looks so delicious.  If it’s at night and there’s a fried chicken stand next to the omelette stand, you may want to sneak a bit of green sauce (green chilli) to add extra heat to your omelette. 

What’s your favourite street snack, Indian or otherwise?

Where’s this?

Delhi, India’s capital city


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