Benares bakara


What’s this?

This bakara (male goat) is standing in what little shade he can find in the midday heat of  a scorching day in Benares (more commonly known as Varanasi) in April.

Mutton, as goat-meat is known as in India (in my country, Australia, mutton refers to the meat of an adult sheep) is a popular meat to eat in India for those who are non-veg (non-vegetarian), of which about 70% of Indians are.  Personally, I don’t eat animals or fish, so that makes me veg (vegetarian), but I do eat eggs so I’m not pure veg. One of my favourite things to say in Hindi is mein shakahari hu (I am vegetarian), mostly because I enjoy the sound of the word shakahari (but also because I can actually say it and be understood!).

Hopefully this bakara is far too big and old and tough to be considered dinner!       

Where’s this?

Benares, known to most as Varanasi, on the banks of the holy Ganges River, in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


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