A very dusty pair of jootis


What’s this?

Possibly lost, possibly discarded, is a pair of very dusty jootis or juttis, those traditional Indian shoes worn by both men and women.  Punjabi in origin, they’re hand-stitched, and often for men, come with a pointed toe that curls upwards.  

In Rajasthan in particular, I love seeing the older men wearing their juttis with their white dhotis (a long piece of fabric wrapped around the waist and extending to cover the legs), a moustache and a brightly coloured pagri (turban) – so elegant!

This is a very humble and ordinary pair, but jootis can be very beautiful, elaborately embroidered in silver or gold or coloured thread, and embellished with mirrors, bells or cowrie shells. Women’s jootis can be exquisitely pretty!

Where’s this?

Ganahera, Rajasthan


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