Heavy machinery and delicious drinks


What’s this?

If you saw my previous post about making sugarcane juice (see Sugarcane juice – one of the world’s best drinks?), you might be interested to see the machinery that extracts the juice from the cane.  Here it is, a set of rollers attached to a cart – they’re heavy duty! I’m sure many a poor sugarcane juice vendor has had a finger or two accidentally crushed in his lifetime, which I shudder to think about.

I also make jewellery, and jewellers use much the same piece of machinery (just smaller) to roll out metal. Both kinds have a dial on top of them, turned to bring the rollers closer together as the sugarcane or metal is flattened. 

You might notice the flies on the wheel. Sugarcane juice is very sweet so naturally flies and bees are drawn to it! A few flies are certainly not going to stop me from consuming this delicious drink.

Where’s this?

Pushkar, Rajasthan


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