Bangle up


What’s this?

Look at the gorgeous colours of the glass bangles (choodi in Hindi) in this stall! Bangles, lots of them, are worn by many Indian women and I’ve been told that it’s unlucky for a married woman not to wear them. I love jewellery, and although I often wear a lot more jewellery when I’m in India than when I do at home, I’ve been told several times that I look bare, that I’m not wearing enough!

Bangles are usually made of glass, and so have the capacity to break if they’re hit hard against something.  Look on the ground in India and you’ll no doubt see pieces of broken bangles.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Rajasthan where the women wear extremely vibrant colours – hot pinks, bright oranges, lime greens and turquoise blues – so it was interesting for me to note that the colours that the women wear in Maharashtra are more subdued and earthy – rusty oranges, olive greens and maroons as seen here.

Where’s this?

Nishak, Maharashtra


2 thoughts on “Bangle up

  1. These are pretty! I looked at the photo before reading and thought it might have been reels of coloured cottons, but bangles is much nicer to think about. I do think i’s smash them if i wore them though.


    1. Yes, they do look like reels of cotton, you’re right. I’ve never actually bought any of these, although they’re cheap and sold everywhere, but I might this time. Then I won’t be so bare!


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