Samosa – the ultimate snack


What’s this?

Ah, the samosa – it’s everywhere in India! This golden deep-fried pastry filled with deliciousness, and often served with a tamarind or green sauce (mint or coriander chutney) or a green chili at the very least, is eaten standing up at a roadside stall, from a highway dhaba, in a friend or relative’s house, or after being quickly shoved through the bars of a moving train’s window by a platform-side samosa vendor who’s jogging along side the train to collect his payment. I’m sure that not a second goes by in India when someone is not eating a samosa!

So what’s inside a samosa? The samosa is the kind of food item that can vary according to who’s making it and where it’s being made. I’m a vegetarian, so the ones I’ve eaten have generally contained a mixture of mashed potato, onion, green chili and spices. They can also contain meat, fish, cheese, dried fruit or nuts, and can even be dipped in sugar syrup! I’m yet to eat a cheesy-fruity-nutty-sugary samosa, but I want to!   

The samosa, under different guises, has been around since the 10th century, and is likely to have come from the Middle East. It was probably brought to India in the 13th or 14th century by traders from Central Asia, and is now eaten, in one form or another, in many countries all over the world. Yum!   

Where’s this?

This classic samosa-chai combination was my breakfast one day in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh


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